Saturday, July 9, 2011

prayer flags

my eyes are heavy and burning.
i've been back in portland now for 5 hours and i am trying
to not let myself fall asleep.  in doing so, i have been staring at our
prayer flags hanging over our sliding glass doors, daydreaming.
thinking, feeling,  being convicted and feeling passionate again.
i want to start doing things that make me feel alive.
having said this, i thought i would write out a list and am hoping
to write about these in the upcoming and hopefully very close future:

  1. singing and making music
  2. painting
  3. creating things
  4. giving
  5. laughing
  6. wine
  7. hugging
  8. exploring
  9. get lost and be okay with it
  10. get involved in some sort of music organization

* little side note: while i was in california, i stopped by an old job of mine, the ever so wonderful Color Me Mine.  i love this store for many reasons.  i love the smell of ceramic and dried paint that greets you as soon as you walk in the door.  i love that this store welcomes a very diverse group of people in.  toddlers painting fairies, obnoxious young boys flapping their lips as they paint their race cars, teenage couples sharing a paint brush as one helps the other finish the barely legible "i love you" and the crazy (when i say crazy i mean crazy as in way too talented, its crazy) artists as they get lost and do not realize or seem to care that paint is all over their face and arms and hands. i think there should be more places like Color Me Mine.  anyways,  anyone who follows me on twitter knows that i've been itching to get back to painting and being creative again and they would also know i miss my boyfriend Noah like crazy.  with that combination, i thought it was a good excuse to put my energies into painting him a beer stein! its not comparable to Leonardo da Vinci by any means, but i was very pleased and enjoyed how i felt while creating it and how i felt afterwards.  i dont know if i can connect this blog to my phone yet, so until i figure that out i will post pictures later.


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  1. You have such a beautiful singing voice, Han! Miss youuuuuu.