Wednesday, December 7, 2011

transitioning... you know its the end of the year

I know i really suck at updating this thing, and i know i've said this several times before but i am REALLY going to try and keep up with this thing... and i know its sad, but i feel its easier to write about things when i'm depressed, deep in thought, or moved by something.  i will try to write about whats going on in my life regardless because i like to, and because i read that its a good way for friends who live far away to stay tuned in to your life, especially when you can't talk every day.
anyways, with that said..  what a freakin year 2011 has been.
brought in the new year with two of my favorite people; noah and mallori.
a night involving (if i remember correctly), kanye's new album and sleigh bells - rill rill, shots of whiskey and lots of pbr. got my first full time job at what my coworkers and i lovingly call it "shmirabella".
i moved out into my very first apartment!
experienced portland in all its glory this summer.
noah went on his bike trip...
i got to see the mountain goats! - a band for those of you who are wondering.
my long awaited birthday finally arrived, the big 2-1.
we adopted a dog who fancies himself a cat and named him albert!
mine and noah's one year.
lots of tears and laughs and hurting and happiness.
i am finally starting to apply for schools and head into a better direction.
i would say this has been a successful year.
well.. i feel like i had something deep and profound to say as i began to write this blog, but i guess i don't. my brain has taken me elsewhere. 
until next time..